The Intelligent Investment actually sounds as the investment of some Money or Asset but actually the word has a very deep meaning in itself. The Intelligent Investment is not only the investment of our capital and assets but it the investment of every moment that happens with us at every second, every minute, every hour, every day, every month, every year.

Investment of Moments?????

Sounds very Crazy.. Ya..

How can one invest moments and would it be good and profitable for us in future?

This Question will be shaking your mind every time.

In this modern era of Digitalization and Human Development we are growing everyday but physically not mentally. Our body is growing but our mind is not growing. We are performing the same command that is being fixed in ourselves in our childhood and the command is -

In childhood we just have to learn to play and study.

In Teenage we just have to score good marks and set our goals.

In Adulthood we just have to search for the Jobs and become a Cash Collecting Machine.

And after that we have to marry a girl and produce babies.

And in the end the command we followed in our entire life is being passed to our new generations and we call it “ The Formula for a successful Life”

But don’t you think something is missing in this whole life chapter.

And the part we are missing is Happiness, Care, Giving Importance to Relations, Exploring the treasures of Joy and Real Life Adventures.

Most of the people in the world are following the above formula to become successful in life and they are becoming successful, but are they really enjoying their life, investing their moments, giving time to their valuable relations, exploring something new, NO..

Guys Don’t become the Cash Collecting Machines. We everyone have a different mind and we should perform different tasks and must work for the Happiness of Life not for Money. Money should not be the perspective of one’s living but happiness must be the ladder of a successful life.

So, The Intelligent Investment means not just to invest good amount of Money but the Investment of Happily Moments of our Life and that will be called The Intelligent Investment .

Remember When we are at our Old Ages and we look back, we should observe Happiness and Joy as the Traits of our Successful Life instead of Bridges of Money and Selfishness.

“Sometimes, it’s better to enjoy life with valuable relations and friends, because now, when I look back, my marks, my money never make me laugh, but my memories do.”

Invest a Happy Life Instead of Needful Life




A Person Trying to Bringing Smile on the Faces of Billion+ People

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A Person Trying to Bringing Smile on the Faces of Billion+ People

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